ADA-CE TMJ Course Analysis and Feedback 2016

April 27, 2016 at 9:44 AM

On Friday April 8th, ADACE held its first course, titled ' The Infamous TMJ... Diagnosis, Management and Treatment of Common Temporomandibular Dysfunctions (TMD)'. The speaker Mark Latimer from Melbourne, gave a very informative talk to the "sold out audience", about the anatomy of the joint, and common issues associated with it. Following this there was much discussion about varying treatment modalities and methods.  With his background in Physiotherapy, Mark demonstrated on a live patient how he stretches the appropriate ligament(s) to eliminate/reduce TMDs  to relieve symptoms.  The presentation gave a new perspective on how to approach TMDs.  It may be beneficial to some of our TMD patients if we have the input of other relevant health professionals.

By Lance Mundy



Presenter, Mark Latimer



 Live patient demonstration



Mark with ADACE Coordinator, Usha Narshai



Introduction by ADA President, Jocelyn Logan




It was great to have dental professionals countrywide attend our first ADACE course. 

Mark’s TMJ presentation showed that he has vast knowledge, experience and skill in this area.  His delivery was interactive and dynamic, while the content was informative and thought-provoking.  For those of you that are interested, here is the summary of the information compiled from the feedback forms received:






  • 92% of the feedback forms were received which makes the results statistically very significant and helpful in planning our next course.
  • The topic in course outline was the main reason stated for attending.  Interestingly, a large percentage of attendees wrote that they would like more TMJ courses (including a hands-on component)!

We made a healthy profit and these funds will be reinvested in subsequent ADACE events.  Thank you to everyone who helped and supported us. 

I will be announcing new ADACE initiatives at the ADA general meeting on May 17th. See you there!


Usha Narshai
ADA Continuing Education Coordinator

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