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Here are some testimonials from a few of our patients. Complete names have not been disclosed online so their privacy can be respected. However, if you would like to contact them to discuss their personal experience with us, please let us know so this can be arranged.

“Usha is such a special dentist. I've been to many dentists once and never gone back. With her, straight away I liked her, trusted her and thought, "Okay, I’m going to be here for years. And she made a plan for me that felt like I could get my teeth fixed and it might take five years but we're going to be doing that together. And she has always talked to me, always explained things to me, always said, "We'll do this and then we'll do this" and so we'd have these discussions. I've been going for years, I can't imagine ever not going. If she moved, I’d go to her. I wouldn't worry about the proximity.”

- CT, IT Consultant

“I used to have a terrible fear of needles but now I just close my eyes and I never see them. Usha is good at handling that kind of stuff. She's pretty conversational and explains what she's doing so you feel relaxed with the whole process. Even though you're sitting there with your mouth wide open in a pretty vulnerable position, she explains everything so you don't feel like you're in a really foreign situation.”

- MH, IT Sales Manager

“The whole experience from when you walk in the door is quite quirky ... the music videos and the art and the choices of magazines, and you can sit there and look out on the garden. It's quite quirky because some dentists are just in an office block and then others would be in those typical Remuera medical kind of places. It’s very different but it's modern and clean and fresh, and it's got all the modern touches.”

- WB, Designer

“A friend recommended Grey Lynn Dental to me because they had gone there and said the service was really good. Every time I've gone there it's the service I get. Even the receptionist calls you by your name and talks to you and you have a bit of a chat about this and that. So you’re not just a patient - you are actually a person. And even the dentist, Usha, remembers. We might be talking about what’s happening and she remembers little details about you. Not overly nosey but just enough that you feel like you're not just a patient and they do value you and relate to you as a person as well.”

- RJ, Assistant Finance Manager

“With dentists, authenticity is the most important thing. By authenticity, I mean that they’re real. I had one dentist that I didn’t feel was authentic. It was very clinical. I want it to be with a real smile - an authentic person who makes you feel welcome. It can be harrowing going to the dentist - you don't go there for pleasure. But Usha makes something that is unpleasurable a pleasure... she makes it a pleasure.”

- ST, Casting Director

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